Why should I use Rightwayaccountingto prepare my tax return?

Most accountants in Australia spend much of their time preparing business financial statements and income tax returns for corporate clients and are focussing less time on salary and wage earners as they see that as their primary source of revenue. We only prepare returns for salary and wage earners and individuals with investments (shares, property, managed funds and cash) This means our focus is always on the personal income tax system, concentrating on work related deductions, rental properties, dividend income capital gains tax computations and tax offsets such as private health and education rebates.

Do I need an appointment?

It is not always easy to get an appointment with your accountant. We have devised a format that makes it easy for you to provide me with the required information to prepare your return and we have included comprehensive checklists to assist you in collating your information. We can always discuss your return by phone and via email at convenient times to suit you. Most returns can be completed without the need for an appointment.

How much will it cost?

We have developed a system to make the process of preparing and lodging your tax return as stress free as possible. We have created a price structure that will cover all options for individual tax returns.For basic tax return it is $99.

Which expenses should I be claiming on my tax return?

Many taxpayers are unsure of what deductions they are allowed to claim so we have incorporated comprehensive checklists to assist you in providing us with sufficient information to accurately prepare your tax return. In addition to our what deductions can I claim page, we have provided the most common questions and answers that our clients ask, specific to their occupation.

How do I get started?

Rightwayaccountinghas developed a simple process that we follow for every tax return. By following the process we know that every tax return is completed accurately and results in the best possible refund for my clients.