Company Tax Returns

A carefully-prepared Company Tax Return will save you money and time, plus reduce risk for your company.

Some company tax return basics:
Every registered Australian company must lodge a company tax return each year. Even if you don’t expect to pay any income tax!
A company tax return is specific to your company.
Trained experts in company tax return preparation can help ensure your return is ATO-compliant and avoid ATO audits or penalties.
It’s up to you and your tax agent to minimise the taxes your company pays; the ATO will not do that for you.
As a company owner, you are required to lodge a return for your company AND lodge a separate individual tax return for yourself.
The tax agents and CPA accounting team at Rightwayaccountingare committed to knowing the complex ins-and-outs of Australian taxation law.

Their goal: Make your company tax return worry-free, ensuring an ATO-compliant return while helping you avoid any unnecessary costs. Their careers are focused on deductions, offsets, asset structures, business set-up options and financial planning tools. In other words, their careers are all about helping company owners pay the minimum in taxes.

Advantages You Get from Rightwayaccounting:

  • Confidence of knowing you minimised your company’s taxes AND remained legally compliant
  • Flexible: Choose the tax agent and accounting services you need, all in one place
  • Technology that saves you time: Contact experts with online video, phone, or connect on our state-of-the-art online portal – no need to waste time on meetings!
  • In-office service available from representatives in your area, anytime you need someone face-to-face
  • Company tax specialists in construction, medical practice, trades, retail, education and more
  • Can we help you handle your company tax return better?

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